The first FDA-approved hyaluronate therapy to treat osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain. 5

Studied in over 110 published clinical trials involving more than 14,000 patients. 4

Early relief

Safe and effective over time 9
  • No significant increase in adverse events with repeated cycles 9
  • Progressive improvement in pain relief with repeat cycles over 30 months 9

Demonstrated safety

Well-established safety profile 9
  • Demonstrated safety for 5-injection regimen 1
  • Demonstrated safety for 3-injection regimen 8,14
  • No significant increase in adverse events with repeat cycles of HYALGAN® 9
  • Long-term safety in a 30-month repeat-use study 9
  • Localized option that targets the knee, not the whole body, with no known drug-drug interactions 2,3

The results

HYALGAN® demonstrated reduction in pain from baseline at 30 months, 5 treatment cycles of 5 injections each (one injection per week)

Study design

30-month, repeat-use, open-label study (N=75) of i.a. HYALGAN® 20 mg weekly X 5, repeated every 6 months for 5 treatment cycles. One cycle = 5 injections. 9

* As measured using 100-ms VAS.